The European Union has taken steps to tighten controls on migration from Africa amid concerns of a clash of civilizations.

    The European Commission has issued new guidelines on visa and border controls in Europe, aimed at stemming the flow of migrants.

    The Commission, in a statement Monday, said it was “working with partners to ensure the maximum impact of the new measures is achieved through effective border controls, which will reduce the flow” of migrants from Africa.

    In the United States, President Donald Trump is pushing for a “wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border, and a new administration in the White House is calling for the construction of a border wall.

    Immigration advocates and many Democrats are urging Trump and other Republicans to stop the wall, and instead build a border fence.

    Here are five things to know about the issue.

    What is a “clash”?

    “Clash of cultures” is the phenomenon of cultural differences that can be caused by cultural exchange.

    The term “clashing civilizations” is used by scholars, who argue that societies that share a common language, religion, history, or history are often similar.

    According to the United Nations, a “collaborative approach” between countries to solve problems and overcome differences has been observed across continents.

    The U.N. said in its report on “cultural conflict” that “clashes of civilizations” have been observed in countries including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco.

    There have been several “clasps of cultural superiority” in Europe during the past two decades, and many countries have adopted measures aimed at reducing the flow and spreading of migrants, including measures to crack down on immigration from Africa and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

    How is the U,S.

    dealing with migrants from North Africa?

    Trump has proposed a border barrier and the construction by the U-S.

    of a large wall along the U.-Mexico southern border.

    Trump and the Republicans in Congress have been criticized by Democrats for their proposed border wall, which could be built on federal land and require the approval of Congress.

    The House passed a bill last week that would allow the construction or renewal of the wall.

    The Senate is considering a similar measure, according to the Associated Press.

    The Trump administration has proposed to cut funding for refugees and immigrants from North America, saying they are overstaying visas, and for immigrants from Central America and Mexico, who they say are not helping with the vetting process.

    But some advocates for immigrants in the U.”s.

    They’re not helping to keep people out,” said Laura Tully, a former U.K. ambassador to the U


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