Next BigFuture, the tech company behind the viral #1 hit “Walking,” announced a new plan for its ad campaigns.

    In a blog post on Tuesday, the company said it was reevaluating how to expand its reach, and that it’s now looking to build on its existing relationships with publishers and partners.

    “With our recent launch of ‘We Are The World,’ we saw an opportunity to expand our global reach, build on our existing partnerships, and take advantage of our existing audiences,” the post reads.

    “In this new, evolving phase of our business, we’re taking a broader look at our approach to creating, delivering, and monetizing our content.”

    The company has already been known to expand the reach of its ad content on other platforms, but it seems like it will be looking to do so in a more integrated way.

    The move could lead to a much bigger audience on YouTube, where it’s already the most popular video platform.

    Next Big will also expand its advertising deals with Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

    The company said that it is also considering a move to build partnerships with other publishers and content partners.

    For instance, Next Big said it will build on existing partnerships with Facebook and the media and digital advertising arm of Netflix.

    “We believe we can build on these existing relationships to build a deeper relationship with content publishers, and to help grow our global audience,” the company wrote.

    The decision to expand into more partners comes as the tech giant is also looking to monetize its content.

    “As our industry continues to evolve, we are investing in new platforms to connect our brands with our audiences, while continuing to drive new revenue and engagement,” the blog post reads, “so we are also looking at ways to continue to grow our business in new ways.”


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