Breitbart News is reporting the following from around the world: A new global order is under way and the world has a new leader: The New Order is the name given to a group of globalist elite, who in recent decades have set their sights on destroying America.

    The New York Times reported on October 6 that the new globalist leadership, headed by a man named George Soros, has set their goal to achieve world government.

    The Times reported that, “The world is on the brink of a new global system that will replace America as the global leader in the global economy, and replace the U.S. government with an international governance structure.”

    Soros and his globalist allies have also created an entire system of international financial institutions, and the entire system has been created by using a combination of military force and the threat of war, as well as the manipulation of media to control people’s behavior, according to a recent report by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

    According to IEP, the New World order will replace the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and various other organizations around the globe.

    The new system will include a new Global Finance Commission which will control all of the international financial system and the World Bank, the IMF, and other international financial bodies.

    The goal of the New Order will be to destroy the United States, and create a new international system that, in Soros’ words, will be “better than anything we’ve ever had.”

    The new global agenda is being described by George Soros as the creation of a “new political order.”

    Soros has called this a new world system, which he calls the “New World Order.”

    Soros is also working to create a “New Middle East” under which all of Middle Eastern countries will be divided into zones.

    According to Soros, the new Middle East will be governed by the new Global Financial Commission, which will be controlled by the New New World Establishment, and it will be run by a “superman” who will be called “the New World Emperor.”

    Soros’ New World Empire will be composed of a global elite that is responsible for the global financial system, including the IMF and the International Finance Corporation.

    The IMF is controlled by Soros and other globalist elites.

    The World Bank is also controlled by George and other members of the globalist Elite.

    In fact, George Soros is the only globalist that controls all of these institutions, according the IEP.

    Soros and the Global Elite Soros’ goal is to create an “international economic order,” which will include the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum, and many other international economic organizations.

    Soros’ plan is to “create a new political order,” in which the new “New” world order will be the “best possible alternative” to the existing political order.

    This new world will be ruled by a new superman, who will call himself the “Great Man.”

    The New New world Empire will consist of a superman who will rule over the World Financial System and the IMF.

    This superman will have control over the United Nation of Nations and the United International Monetary Funds.

    Soros said the new system of global finance will be designed to create new “superpowers,” and they will be based on the “power of nations,” the ICP reported.

    According the IFP, the “Superman” will be responsible for creating a “perfect global economic system” and the New Empire will “control the World War III.”

    Soros believes the new New World empire will be a “great success.”

    George Soros believes that the New global economic order will end the U of A and lead to the end of the United State.

    Soros is working to destroy all of America’s political institutions.

    Soros believes this new New Empire and the new political system will be an “opportunity to seize power for the great majority of Americans who are now on the edge of economic collapse.”

    Soros said he is working with the “superwoman” to “take control of the U, U.N. and the [United Nations], as well” the ITP reported.

    Soros also told the IBP that the global elites will be controlling the media, and he will create a system of “media censorship.”

    The IEP reported that Soros has worked with other globalists, including David Rockefeller, to create the “new global media” in which globalist “media experts” will control media outlets around the planet.

    Soros, Soros and Rockefeller Rockefeller have also worked together to create “new media” to control all media in the world.

    Soros has also worked with a man who is described as a “globalist” and a “media expert” to create what he calls a “national media” which will allow globalist media elites to control “media” in every nation on earth.

    The ICP noted that Soros and these other global elites have been working together for some time.

    Soros wrote in a letter to George Soros dated September 10


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