The United States has been rocked by allegations of widespread voter fraud, with a growing number of Democrats accusing Donald Trump of committing voter fraud.

    While the claims of widespread fraud are not true, many Americans are worried that the Republican nominee’s campaign is engaging in the same type of fraud.

    The US has been hit with a wave of alleged election fraud in recent months.

    The FBI announced last week that it was investigating an alleged effort by Democrats to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

    Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, denied the allegations, but US media reported the same day that they had been corroborated by the FBI.

    The claims of voter fraud have led some to ask whether Trump himself committed the crime.

    The Trump campaign said that no evidence has been presented to support the allegations.

    It also denied that anyone from the campaign or Trump Tower ever communicated with anyone with the FBI or the state elections department about the alleged fraud.

    “We have not seen any evidence that anyone, from the Trump campaign or anybody else, was communicating with anyone from either of those entities about voter fraud or voter registration issues,” the Trump camp said.

    “The Trump campaign and the Trump organization have no relationship with any of the state election departments and have not engaged in any activities or discussions related to voter registration, registration or election fraud.”

    In the United Kingdom, it is reported that some of the UK’s largest supermarkets are selling fake election posters and that many of the posters are in fact fraudulent.

    British Prime Minister Theresa May said she would take the matter to the country’s Parliament, which is due to debate a bill on election fraud on Wednesday.

    She also warned that fraud is not an option and will not be tolerated.


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