Breitbart News is reporting that one of the world’s largest corporations is advertising on YouTube ads to try to promote the idea that “political propaganda” is part of the mainstream American news media.

    “You’re going to find this video on YouTube.

    And you can see a lot of things you may not see if you’re not paying attention,” the narrator says.

    “There’s lots of political content.

    You’ll also see this is a political advertisement.

    They’re trying to say that this is news and you can be part of it.

    You can also see the political bias, and the political propaganda is part and parcel of the American news business.”

    The ad, which is titled “The War on Truth,” is a response to a recent documentary on the dangers of fake news.

    “This video is part one of a series of YouTube ads that the company is airing to try and convince people that the news they are consuming is true,” a YouTube spokesperson told Breitbart News.

    “The ads feature an image of a man with his arms crossed and a caption saying, ‘The War On Truth.'”

    A representative from the American Media Research Institute (AMI), which produces the video, told Breitbart that the ad was part of a larger effort to try “to change how Americans perceive the news.”

    “We’re hoping to create an understanding that what people are consuming online is not just news, but also the product of the news industry, not just what we’ve been told by politicians, but that we are the product, too,” AMI president Eric Boehlert said.

    “We think the best way to do this is to take away the political content, and just give the audience a real news experience.

    It’s a very simple and easy approach.”

    In addition to the ad, the company’s YouTube channel also hosts a video called “The Truth Is Out There,” which features a number of different claims that the media outlets claim are true.

    One of the claims made in the video is that “Hillary Clinton is a liar.”

    “Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!” the narrator shouts in the ad.

    “And we’re going see what we can do about it, right?”

    The narrator then points out that “Trump has been lying for years about everything,” but that there is “no evidence” of it being true.

    The narrator also says that Trump’s supporters are “in bed with the establishment,” and that the Democratic National Committee “has been a front for the Clinton campaign.”

    The narrator ends the ad by saying, “This is the truth.”

    The claim is based on a claim made by the left-leaning website Breitbart News, which claimed in a post on January 13 that the DNC has “been a front” for Clinton.

    “It’s time for Donald Trump to go to work and get the Democratic Party to stop pandering to him and his supporters,” Breitbart News wrote in the post.

    “They’re not doing their job by not pushing this narrative, so we’re asking the DNC to come clean about what they’ve been doing with their money to the Clinton Campaign and the Clinton Party.”

    The DNC, however, has denied that it has been in the business of “backing” or “buying” the Clinton campaigns political advertisements, calling Breitbart News “false and defamatory.”

    AMI told Breitbart last week that the ads on YouTube were part of an ongoing “campaign to take down free speech.”

    The company, however is not the only company that has come under fire for its role in spreading misinformation online.

    On January 6, The Hill reported that the website of a prominent right-wing think tank, The Heritage Foundation, had hired a former Fox News host to write a piece on the “war on truth.”

    According to the article, the article will be titled, “Trump Is Not A Truth-Teller: The War on The Truth Is Just the Beginning.”

    In an email to Breitbart News on Monday, The Washington Examiner noted that the Heritage Foundation had been “pushing the ‘war on the truth’ narrative since before the election.”

    The website has been known to push “fake news” stories and other “fake facts” on social media, including claiming that Hillary Clinton “did not use a private email server.”

    In January, Breitbart News published an article on the site that suggested that “a number of left-wing media outlets” were behind a conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump was a Russian agent.

    The article, which stated that the idea was born from a conspiracy theorist’s attempt to “exploit a conspiracy by Russian operatives to undermine the American democratic process,” went on to say, “We believe this was a false flag operation by the Russians who want to sow discord and divide the American people.”

    The article also claimed that a number “right-wing outlets” had been promoting “fake” stories on Facebook.

    Breitbart News also reported that a “conservative media watchdog group” had created a website called “Conspiracy News,” which is “designed to track social media content that purports to be news.”

    A spokesperson for The


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