Canada is one of the world’s biggest media markets, but it’s also a key market for global advertising and global TV.

    Now, MTV News has a chance to ask some of the top executives in that space how Game of Thrones helps promote Canadian television.

    The first episode of “Game of Tyrants” was released in Canada in April 2017, and its popularity is already evident in the Canadian advertising world.

    The series is also seen as a way to promote Canadian content, which is seen as crucial for any media company in Canada.MTV News talked to Canadian media execs to get their take on the show’s global appeal and what it might mean for Canada’s TV market.

    Mitch Pachter, chief content officer of Canadian broadcaster TVO, told MTV News that the show is a huge success for the broadcaster.TVO has already had some big hits in Canada, including the hit series “Lion King,” which aired on TVO in 2017.

    He says TVO is seeing a similar phenomenon with the upcoming fifth season of “Gotham,” a TV show that is being developed by Warner Bros. TV in Vancouver, Canada.TVOS is also in the midst of developing its first major drama series for Canadian audiences.

    The first season of its new anthology series, “Black Mirror,” will premiere in March 2018.

    Pachters said the company is also expanding its production pipeline, which includes a major new feature film, “Doomed.”TVO is also making the move from Canadian-language to English-language productions.

    This has allowed the company to build its international footprint.

    Pichters said this strategy has been a boon for the company, which has been growing at a steady pace.

    Pachters says he’s also seen a positive impact for Canadian TV advertisers in the United States.

    For example, he said, when MTV News asked Canadian advertisers about the show, they said they’re seeing a positive reaction.

    He also believes this is one reason why Canadian TV companies are looking to expand overseas.


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