Google has launched an advertising program for homeowners in which it will use the information it collects on their behavior to target ads based on their location.

    The program, called Neighborhood Ads, is designed to give advertisers better information on the types of properties that are most appealing to homeowners, and how they are likely to visit.

    The company said it hopes to reach more than 6 million homeowners in its first year, and that it has already had an impact on many.

    “We know that some homeowners are more likely to go to places like Starbucks or restaurants with a friendly staff than they are to places where they may feel unsafe or uncomfortable,” Google said in a statement.

    “That’s why we’re partnering with businesses and communities to help them understand how we can help them stay safe, healthy, and at home.”

    Google said that it will not use location information to target advertisements, but will use it to understand the properties that homeowners are most likely to be drawn to.

    “The ads will target homeowners who are looking for a place to live or a place that’s easy to get to,” Google added.

    “The ads are designed to highlight how homes are likely places to live and stay connected to a network of friends and family.”

    Google added that the ads will be targeted to “people who are likely homeowners who have a high probability of using these types of resources in their community.”

    Google has previously announced plans to target homes based on factors such as the number of kids in the household, proximity to parks, and income level.

    The new ads are part of a broader program called HomeAds, which was launched in 2016.

    Google has been rolling out HomeAdts, which it says will target people with a wide variety of factors, to homeowners in the U.S. since 2015.

    HomeAds is designed in part to give people with specific needs the information they need to make better decisions about where they live and how to live.

    HomeAdss is designed so that homeowners can use it in conjunction with Google Home and Google’s Home Assistant to help users understand how their home fits into their homes, Google said.

    “With HomeAd, we want to help you know exactly what you need to know to plan, prioritize, and plan for the future,” Google Home assistant director for product development and design Michael Mase said in an email.

    “It’s easy and fun, and is designed for homeowners who want to make informed decisions about their home.”


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