Canadian politics is so far away from reality that it seems like our country is still living in a fantasy land.

    The Liberals have won more than half the provinces.

    Our economy has been thriving.

    The economy is growing, and we have a very healthy job market.

    It’s been a good year.

    What we don’t get is the reality of what’s actually going on.

    It seems as if the country is living in fantasy land and that Canadians are just trying to keep up with the Kardashians.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    It can be this easy.

    In a way, Canada is still playing catch-up.

    In the meantime, our country has a lot of work to do to improve its image and become a real place for Canadians.

    The reality is that the economy is slowing down and that we’re still not at full employment.

    Canada is now the only G7 country that doesn’t export enough to meet the country’s growing demand for goods and services.

    Canada has also lost more than 2 million manufacturing jobs over the past decade.

    A lot of the blame for this has to do with the global recession.

    The Canadian economy has slowed, but it’s still in good shape, with strong manufacturing.

    We’ve also seen a steady growth in exports.

    So, yes, the economy has picked up, but we’re not at capacity.

    The government has made it very clear that we need to address the real issues, not just talk about them.

    But the reality is, the Canadian economy is far more dynamic and the global economy has changed.

    The global economy isn’t the same.

    The jobs market is changing.

    The manufacturing sector is changing too.

    We have a lot to learn from the US and China.

    The US is the only country that has been able to turn itself around in the past 10 years, while the rest of the G7 have seen their economies collapse.

    The United States is still in the middle of a recession, and there’s a lot going on in that economy.

    Canada’s economy has not changed much.

    Canada still has a high unemployment rate, and the labour force participation rate is the lowest in the G20.

    And while the country has gained in manufacturing jobs, the manufacturing sector has lost thousands of manufacturing jobs in the last 10 years.

    So the picture is not looking great.

    In fact, we’re actually losing jobs at a much faster rate than the rest.

    We’re still going to lose manufacturing jobs at the rate of about one per cent a year over the next 10 years in the United States, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

    This is a long-term trend.

    We can’t afford to be at this point, and it’s time we got to do something about it.

    The next step is to build a better economy and get our economy back to where it was before the global economic downturn.

    We need to get back to full employment and the economy can do that by bringing back manufacturing jobs to Canada.

    The last few years have been tough for Canada.

    We were hit hard by the financial crisis.

    But it was also the first time we’ve had a real economic downturn since the mid-1980s.

    It was also an economic boom.

    And, of course, we had to get our economies back to growth and create jobs.

    Canada was able to do this.

    We had the world’s fastest-growing economy.

    We also had the fastest-growth labour market in the world, which helped us maintain a strong, competitive job market over the last decade.

    The real challenge now is to get Canada back on track and to be a truly competitive country again.

    This isn’t about blaming other countries.

    This shouldn’t be about blaming the U.S., or China, or Japan.

    This should be about looking at the real challenges facing our country, and taking action to address those.

    The Trudeau government has been talking about bringing back some manufacturing jobs and bringing manufacturing back to Canada, and they’re working hard on it.

    We are also talking about some of the economic challenges facing Canada today, like the high unemployment, which is another issue that is being looked at.

    But we’ve also been talking a lot about the fact that we are a growing, growing economy, and I think that’s the right message.

    But, of a piece with all the other issues, it’s important that we focus on bringing back jobs and creating a more competitive economy.

    What’s happening to the manufacturing industry has been very, very bad.

    It is now more than 70 per cent unemployed.

    We now have a jobless rate of 6.8 per cent, and one in three manufacturing jobs is being lost.

    It took a lot for us to get here, and that’s why we have to do better.

    We know there’s still much to be done, but if we are to do it, we’ve got to make sure that we bring back some of those jobs.

    In addition, we have got


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