Spammers are targeting the most video-friendly of all popular channels.

    This is according to a recent study by Spamhaus, which found that nearly half of the popular channels on YouTube are using a “bots” feature.

    The research team, led by researcher Nick Hausman, also discovered that the average number of viewers per video uploaded by a bot-controlled channel is higher than average for channels that are not bots.

    However, the most successful bots are those that get more views and subscribers than any other channels.

    The study also found that bots tend to be more popular among older channels and the top 20% of views per video.

    In short, it appears that bots are an effective way for people to get a quick fix to the traffic issues that are plaguing their favorite YouTube channels.

    Here are the Top 25 channels with the most spam on YouTube, according to Spambucks’ study.


    Adele: $1.1B 2.

    Kim Kardashian: $2.2B 3.

    Justin Bieber: $4.1M 4.

    Rihanna: $3.9M 5.

    Lady Gaga: $9.4M 6.

    Rihinja: $6.5M 7.

    Katy Perry: $7.6M 8.

    Beyoncé: $10.3M 9.

    Lady Zebra: $5.8M 10.

    Ariana Grande: $8.9K 11.

    Katy B: $14.2M 12.

    Nicki Minaj: $13.5B 13.

    The Killers: $18.4B 14.

    Nick Jonas: $12.4 million 15.

    Jay Z: $19.5 million 16.

    Arianna Grande: -$18.5 billion 17.

    Justin Timberlake: – $15.3 billion 18.

    Justin James: – – 19.

    Nick Carter: – +$16.8 billion 20.

    Lil Wayne: – =$20.9 billion 21.

    Lady GaGa: – *$19.4 billion 22.

    Lady Miley Cyrus: * =$21.1 billion 23.

    Bruno Mars: +$19 billion 24.

    Lady Chano: -=$17.9B 25.

    Bruno Sammartino: -*=$16 billion


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