The search engine of the conservative movement, Search Engine Land, announced today it is changing its name to and launching a new ad network aimed at helping advertisers reach their audiences.

    The company, founded by two former Google engineers, will focus on providing advertisers with tools to target search results, targeting audience demographics, and helping advertisers improve their business.

    InternetSearch is already an advertiser in more than 200,000 U.S. newspapers and magazines and will soon become an advertisers partner in the new AdMob platform.

    “We’ve seen how successful advertisers can be with a strong, proven platform and have always been passionate about providing advertisers access to their most valuable resource: their audience,” said InternetSearch co-founder and CEO Mark Hetzel.

    “This change will enable advertisers to get more relevant, targeted advertising, and better reach their audience with Google search.

    We’re excited to partner with advertisers on our new AdWords platform to help them reach their targeted audiences.” will be available for free for people who want to use Google to find, shop, or purchase products and services.

    It will be launched by Google on May 12.

    InternetSearch has been used to search for conservative sites and news, but its advertising platform is aimed at a broader audience of conservative consumers and news consumers.

    The new service will allow advertisers to target audiences based on demographics, interests, interests of friends, and geographic locations.

    Internetsearch will also be able to deliver targeted advertising on a variety of products and sites, including products and products from brands like Kelloggs, and online services like Amazon and eBay. is expected to make advertising revenue of about $1 billion per year by 2020.

    The company has not yet announced the terms of the deal with advertisers.

    The ad network will be run by an undisclosed partner, which includes ad networks that have been part of the Google-owned AdWords network. will be the company’s first partner. plans to focus on targeting ads to individuals who are members of conservative audiences.

    “We will be targeting the most conservative people, not only conservative media outlets,” Hetsel said.

    “What we are looking for is people who are conservative but also liberal, not just conservatives.

    We will be focusing on the people who share those interests, but are not necessarily politically liberal.”


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