The show is a little bit of everything: hilarious, touching, thoughtful, and sometimes even insightful.

    We picked the top 10 things to watch and see this week.

    (We also tried to get the most interesting stuff, too.)


    The Simpsons: The Series 2, episode 7, “The Simpsons in Hell” (1989) If you’re a Simpsons fan, you’ll be in love with this episode.

    The show has been around since Season 2, but this is the show’s last big episode.

    Homer is still the most popular character on the show, and he gets a chance to talk about everything that’s happened during the show.

    This episode is an example of the show being a little more playful than the rest.

    The humor is just so out there.


    The Office: Season 7, Episode 1 (2009) It’s not a big episode, but there’s something about this episode that really sets it apart from the rest of the series.

    It’s a bit of a departure for The Office, but it’s still pretty fun.

    It also introduces the world of a supercomputer, which has the same title as the show itself.

    This is a must-see.


    How I Met Your Mother: Season 4, Episode 6 (2003) This is another episode that will give you a headache, and it will take away your favorite things.

    This one takes place in the present, where Marge is the only person with the ability to go back in time.

    She meets an older man, and then, things just get weird.


    The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 4 (2016) This show is the best, but I think it’s most relevant to Season 6.

    In the first episode, we meet the group of survivors in the apocalypse, and in the second episode, they finally get to live out their darkest moments.

    This show will keep you watching.


    House of Cards: Season 1, Episode 15 (2012) This episode was the show that made it to Netflix and gave it the biggest ratings boost in show history.

    The way the show is set up, you can predict everything you want, but the execution is incredible.

    This was also the show where Tom Hanks played the House Majority Leader.

    It has a lot of potential for more than just one season, so I’m looking forward to the next season.


    The Wire: Season 3, Episode 10 (1999) This was the season that the show really exploded.

    The series had its highs and lows, and every season is a unique beast.

    I really like how it feels like a family show now, as opposed to the past.


    The Big Bang Theory: Season 11, Episode 16 (2013) I’ve seen it several times now, and I’m always glad to see that it’s back.

    It was so popular that it was almost unheard of, and the show always seems to make some sort of big announcement.

    This season is just getting started.


    The Vampire Diaries: Season 12, Episode 17 (2013-2014) It had some big moments, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad one.

    This series has a weird twist in the finale.


    The O.C.: Season 2 (1999-2002) This has become one of the best shows ever, and people love it.

    If you’ve ever watched the show on television, it’s the best show ever.

    I’m not saying it’s great, but for some reason, people still love it so much.


    Dexter: Season 9, Episode 12 (2011) Dexter was one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.

    I just loved how Dexter made me laugh and how the show made me think.

    The character of Dexter is one of those that I’m proud to have been a part of, even though I was born after the show ended.


    The Americans: Season 2.5, Episode 3 (2004) If I had to pick one of your favorite shows of all time, this is it.

    It really feels like you’re watching the show from the first moments.

    It is just such a unique show that has so much potential.


    The Originals: Season 6, Episode 2 (2015) This one was one that I really wanted to see.

    It just so happens that it comes from the same network as The Sopranos, and they are such an amazing team.

    This may not be your favorite show, but as long as you are a fan of The Soprans and the Originals, this one is going to be on your radar.


    Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 14 (2017) The show that started it all.

    It never stops growing, and that’s just what the show does.

    The fact that it is the most watched TV show in the world should be a huge plus. 14.


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