Engines and SUV sales have been on a tear in recent years, thanks to new technologies and better fuel economy, but it’s the cars that are doing the driving.

    Here are some of the key differences between a car and a truck: Size of the vehicle: Buying a new vehicle usually means a major upgrade from a previous model.

    Most new cars have bigger engines and larger fuel tanks.

    But trucks and vans can also be smaller and lighter than their bigger counterparts.

    This means they can also carry heavier loads and do longer range trips.

    This is important because the truck or van needs to be able to withstand the stresses of extended distances.

    It’s also important to note that some larger trucks are larger than the van.

    For instance, the Toyota Tundra has a whopping 17 feet (5.7 meters) long and 14 feet (4.7 m) wide, while the Nissan Sentra is nearly 12 feet (3.5 meters) wide and 8 feet (2.7 metres) long.

    The new Toyota Tacoma can carry up to 15,000 lbs.

    (6,500 kilograms) of cargo in the back seat, and the Nissan Frontier is even bigger at 14,400 lbs.

    (~5,000 kg).

    But even the biggest SUVs have smaller engines, and that’s why it’s important to buy the smallest possible truck.

    This isn’t always the case, of course.

    If you’re in the market for a bigger SUV, consider a bigger pickup truck, such as the Toyota Tacoma.

    The Frontier is the biggest pickup truck on the market, but the truck that’s going to get you the most miles.

    Size of engine: Buys of large SUVs usually include two or more engines.

    The bigger the engine, the more power it will deliver, and thus the more fuel efficient the vehicle.

    But that’s not always the best choice.

    The big-block V8 engines found in big SUVs are actually fairly efficient, but not great.

    So for those who prefer a smaller engine, a turbocharged inline-four is a great option.

    The Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota RAV4 are both fairly small inline-4s, with both averaging about 10 horsepower.

    Buying an SUV with more power is also a great way to save on fuel, as larger SUVs can be even more fuel-efficient.

    Size and weight of the truck: Buies of large trucks usually include three or more axles.

    The larger the axles, the heavier the vehicle, and therefore the more room to carry the heavy cargo, such a cargo bed.

    So it’s worth comparing a larger truck to a smaller truck, which are typically about the same size.

    Buys with two axles can get even bigger, such the Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Camaro.

    Buies with three axles are usually less big, but still plenty big enough for a cargo room of several feet (1.5 metres).

    The Buick Enclave is a bit of a bargain for large pickups.

    It comes in at 8 feet 9 inches wide, but you can fit about 13,000 pounds (6.5 tonnes) of luggage in the trunk, including a rear cargo area of 3,000 cubic feet (0.95 hectare).

    Buying the Enclave will save you on fuel costs and the weight of your cargo, but will also make you lighter.

    Size, weight and fuel economy: Buick and other big-ticket trucks typically come with engines rated at up to 300 horsepower, and often go with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

    But a pickup truck is different.

    There are different types of trucks, each with different needs.

    The biggest trucks, such trucks with four axles and four axels, usually have larger engines.

    A pickup truck will typically have a 4.2-liter (114-horsepower) engine, with a manual transmission.

    The smaller trucks, like the Chevy Camaro, will often have 2.3-liter engines, with an automatic transmission, and most will also have 4.3 liter engines.

    This can make it tough to compare a big pickup truck to another big truck, but a pickup with 4.4-liter or more is usually a good deal.

    Size is also important when it comes to weight.

    For the most part, big trucks have more than double the weight and capacity of a smaller one.

    For example, a Buick Grand Marquis can tow 3,200 pounds (1,300 kg) of freight in the rear bed, and it can tow 7,500 pounds (3,000kg) of equipment and cargo in its cargo area.

    Buick has a pickup that can tow 10,000 tons (3 million kilograms) in the front bed, while it can carry 2,500 tons (2,500kg) in its trailer.

    Buicks are also heavy and slow.

    Buicking an Enclave can weigh about 4,000lbs (2 1/2 tonnes), which is


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