NEW YORK — Google, Microsoft and Facebook have struck a deal to allow websites to pay advertisers in the world’s largest and most widely used online network.

    The deal, announced Friday by Facebook’s parent company, Alphabet, comes as Google faces growing criticism for how it handles online ads.

    It’s an effort to help businesses, governments and governments better understand how online ads are being used and where the money comes from.

    In a blog post, Facebook said it was expanding its “social network” feature to make it easier for websites to display ads on their sites.

    Facebook also said it would be providing more data on the ads they display, including the types of ads, as well as how much money they spend.

    “With this new agreement, we are able to better understand what kinds of ads we see on websites and how they are performing,” Facebook said.

    “We’ll be able to share our insights with you in a more transparent way.

    It’s an exciting time for our brands and our users.”

    In April, Google agreed to pay publishers $1.5 billion to settle accusations that it violated the Sherman Antitrust Act by favoring its own ads over competitors.

    That settlement followed a similar agreement by Facebook.

    “This is a big step forward in helping brands better understand the impact of online advertising,” said David Plouffe, Facebook’s chief executive officer.

    “This agreement gives brands the power to share their data to better optimize their online presence and drive their businesses to new markets.”

    We are excited to expand the platform that advertisers and brands will use to connect with each other, and to offer them the most personalized content on the Internet.

    “The agreement includes Facebook’s AdWords, Google AdWords and Microsoft AdWords platforms.

    The companies said they would share data and make it available to the public.


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