In the past week, a number of news organizations have published articles on the Irish Times, one of the oldest and largest Irish newspapers in the world.

    In an article on Sunday, Irish Times Managing Editor Michael Higgins said the paper has had a significant increase in digital subscriptions.

    “Digital subscriptions increased from 5.7 million to 7.6 million over the past three months, and it’s now the third largest source of news for readers in the Irish-language market,” he wrote.

    “Online readership, which grew from 8.3 million in the year-ago period to 12.4 million in 2017, has also been on the rise.”

    Higgins noted that digital readership has grown as readership in Ireland’s larger media market has grown in recent years.

    “For example, a year ago, more than a third of all digital subscriptions were for the Irish edition of The Irish Mail, which was the second-largest source of English news in the country, according to figures released by Ipsos MORI in October 2017,” he said.

    “In addition, the Irish version of the BBC has increased in digital circulation since 2015, while the Irish News Service has increased its digital footprint in the same period.”

    Higgins added that the newspaper has been a consistent digital subscriber in the past year.

    “The Irish Times is also the fastest-growing source of digital news for our audience across all platforms in the market, which has been consistent throughout 2017,” the article said.

    In his article, Higgins said that the growth in digital subscribers in the paper is primarily attributable to the launch of a new, high-speed digital platform in April, as well as the launch and growth of Irish TV news in 2018.

    He also noted that the paper’s digital subscriber base is growing.

    “We’ve grown our digital footprint by about 15 percent in the last three months alone,” Higgins said.

    It was unclear whether the increase in subscription growth was due to the Irish news platform, or simply a combination of the platforms.

    The Irish News Services website has grown to about 70 percent of the paper, and its news content has grown by about 25 percent, Higgins wrote.

    In response to a query on Sunday about the newspaper’s future, Higgins referred to the publication’s current digital strategy, which he said would include “the growth of the newsroom and the creation of new newsrooms and digital news teams across the paper.”

    “We’re currently focused on building and sustaining an international digital team to help drive the next phase of our digital transformation, which is the introduction of a digital platform for all Irish news,” Higgins wrote in the article.

    In its 2018 annual report, the newspaper stated that it was now “a major digital media provider in Ireland.”

    The newspaper has also launched an app called the Irish Globe, which it said will “provide Irish news and information to all devices, including smartphones and tablets.”

    The Globe is free to download, but Higgins said it will be available in the coming weeks for €5.99 per month.

    Higgins said he does not know when the app will be launched.

    The Globe app will allow users to view the Irish national news and news headlines, as the app is built specifically to do that.

    In the article, he wrote that the app “will give us access to the most up-to-date Irish and global news and current affairs stories, and will allow for the easy sharing of information, both in the newspaper and in the Globe.”

    Higgins did not say when the Globe app would be available, or if it would be free.

    The newsroom will also be open to users in the future, with Higgins saying the newspaper would be expanding its newsroom, and the app would allow people to “bring their own apps to the Globe for access to news stories.”

    In addition to news coverage, the Globe newsroom is also offering a “Irish Voice,” a digital audio-only news app that will allow readers to listen to local news.

    The app is still in development, and Higgins did say that it will “take a few months to fully launch.”

    In a previous statement, Higgins noted the Globe will continue to be a digital news outlet, and that it would continue to provide a variety of content on the Globe platform.

    Higgins did also note that the Globe is investing in a new newsroom.

    “Today, we are announcing the appointment of new Editorial Director and Chief News Officer,” Higgins noted in a statement.

    “This new team will provide editorial and news guidance for the paper and will be focused on digital news.”

    The statement continued, “We are also adding additional editorial and editorial-related staff to our newsroom to help us ensure that we continue to deliver a comprehensive and timely news service for our readers.”

    Higgins has also announced the hiring of a director of digital and digital content, and is bringing on another digital content director.


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