The world needs to learn from the Indonesian people about climate change, and how to save it, a leading climate campaigner has said.

    Dr Tjivita Janto, the founder of Greenpeace Indonesia, told the BBC that the world’s poorest countries had the most to lose from climate catastrophes.

    “It is time for a new strategy to save ourselves from climate disaster, Dr Janto said.”

    Climate change is not only a human problem, it is also a societal problem.

    “We must stop blaming the poor and start solving the problem of climate change.”

    For a long time, we have been focused on solutions to the problem, but we have neglected the problem that affects the poorest countries, and that is climate change.

    “Dr Janto’s warning comes as global warming continues to grow, with many experts warning that it will destroy coral reefs, disrupt food security, and damage the oceans.

    Dr Janto, who is also the director of the International Center for Sustainable Development in Jakarta, said that the time had come to re-examine the role of carbon emissions.”

    If we do not act quickly to cut carbon emissions, the consequences will be very severe for the planet and its inhabitants,” she said.

    Climate change ‘the biggest threat’The UN’s chief climate negotiator, Christiana Figueres, told a press conference in Paris that global warming was the biggest threat to the planet’s future, and the world needed to start making changes now.”

    I think it is important for us to realise that climate change is a threat to our very existence,” she told reporters.”

    When we talk about the future, we need to be talking about the present.

    “There is a real risk of global warming which is already impacting on the very existence of our planet.”

    “We need to act now.”

    Climate scientists have been warning for decades that climate disruption was inevitable if greenhouse gas emissions continued unabated, with the number of people living in extreme poverty expected to rise by as much as a third.

    The World Bank has forecast that by 2050, global poverty could grow by as many as 40% if emissions continue at their current rate.

    The number of households living on less than $2.25 per day could increase by more than three million by 2035, according to figures from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

    The UN and the World Health Organisation have warned that rising sea levels could cause more than 2 million deaths a year by 2100, and may be even more severe by 2100 if emissions continued unchecked.

    The US is expected to see an additional 3 million people die by 2060, with more than 1 million of those deaths due to rising seas.

    The Paris Agreement on climate change was signed by more countries than any other on Friday, as more than 190 nations committed to keeping the global average temperature rise below two degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit).

    The agreement came just hours after President Donald Trump tweeted that climate changes were “very real”.

    “It’s time to act,” Mr Trump said.

    “Global Warming is real and man-made.

    It is happening and it is getting worse.

    If left unchecked, it will get worse.”

    Dr T.J. Simonson, a lecturer in environmental economics at Oxford University, said global warming would likely be a major driver of the 2020 elections.

    “The election in 2020 will be decided by a lot of these economic, social and environmental factors,” Dr Simonson told ABC Radio Australia.

    “And as we know, those issues don’t all come from the same place.”

    The World Economic Forum’s chief economist, Dr John Quiggin, said the results of the upcoming elections could have a profound effect on the global economy.

    “That is because, as a consequence of the election outcome, the world will have to reorient its attention to a number of issues,” he said.”[It is] a chance to have a look at how to invest in the future in a way that is not just about cutting the carbon footprint of our society, but in a sustainable way.”

    “The economy is not going to collapse,” Dr Quiggins warning came after a report by the Australian Climate Institute said the country’s economy was likely to suffer from climate disruption.

    The report said Australia could see a loss of over $4 trillion in 2020 alone due to the impact of global temperature rises.

    “This loss is likely to be greater than the economic damages incurred by the fires of 1871, as well as the economic and social impacts caused by the devastating floods of 1881 and 1886,” the report said.

    The International Monetary Fund said in its annual review of the world economy that the current financial climate was not sustainable, and warned that the economy could experience economic downturns due to a climate disruption, if the economic costs of climate impacts on the world did not diminish.



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