Russian and Chinese internet giants have been making waves lately by taking down websites they claim to be targeting with ads.

    Some have been blocked, others have been removed from search results and others have not been.

    The latest is a Russian-language news site, which is now inaccessible from Google search.

    A spokesperson for the Russian Internet Corporation, or RIC, has said the search giant has decided to remove the news site from search in the coming days.

    What does this mean for you?

    If you’re a Google Search user, this will affect you if you use the “top” search option on Google or have a Google account.

    If you have a Gmail account, the site is not affected.

    But if you don’t have a G Suite account, you can still access the site.

    This is important because it means that you can access the news from a different device than the one you used to find it.

    You can use the same device to access the search page, and it will still be available.

    For example, you could go to the same website, but access it through your Google account on another device.

    If Google’s policy is to take down the news article from search, then that is going to be a major problem for the site that is in Russia, according to RIC spokesperson Olga Zolotareva.

    “We cannot say for sure if they have removed it completely,” she told The Next Wires.

    But the news outlet was not the only one affected by the move.

    “Google has also decided to take it down from its search results,” the spokesperson added.

    “They have decided to show the page as a “restricted” link for some users and they also show ads for the page in other languages.”

    RIC has also banned all users from using the “search” tab in the search results.

    So if you search for the news, you’re going to see ads for it in Russian and in Chinese.

    “It is possible that we will see more news articles on the site disappear because of this,” the spokeswoman said.

    The spokesperson told TheNextWires that the company had received reports of Russian and Mandarin sites being removed from Google’s search results, but did not provide any information as to why.

    “Our policy is that we don’t provide information about our actions, we don´t reveal any information about this decision, we do not comment on this,” she said.

    RIC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Next WW.

    This means that if you’re not using Google Search on your device, you won’t see the news as a result.

    And if you do use Google Search, you will still see ads.

    But this is because the search engine is not showing the news in the results.

    Google’s policies say that you cannot use Google search to target ads to your own search history.

    That means that the news is still available to Google users.

    But you may still see other news articles disappear if you are using a different search engine.

    Ric also does not show ads in the news for Russian and French websites, so that means you won´t see the Russian news page, as well.

    “This is a problem for everyone, including Google,” the spokesman added.

    Google has not commented on the issue, and Zolottareva has said that the search service is “committed to helping users find the information they need”.

    She has also stated that it is “looking into the issue”.

    Google did not respond to requests for comment, but this article is available to read in Russian.

    The story is based on an article that appeared in The Next World, a Russian news website, on November 11.

    It has been edited for length and clarity.

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