Iain F. Buckley, a comic and actor, has a “bubbler” following in Ireland, where he has his own Twitter account, with more than 5 million followers.

    The actor and comedian was one of a number of people in the country to speak about the Brexit vote on Wednesday night.

    Iain Buckley (@IainBuckley) December 18, 2017 Iain @Iain_Buckling has a bubbler following in #Ireland.

    He has more than 4 million followers @TheIrishTimes http://t.co/9p0sYx5HgF Irish people are very funny.

    — Iain (@IamIain) December 19, 2017 But he did not reveal how many people were following him.

    In his tweets he said that he was tweeting from his Dublin home, where his mother and his brother live.

    I had to tweet from Dublin, because my mom lives in Dublin.

    — #IainF.

    Buckled (@IAIN_BUCKLE) December 20, 2017 He tweeted from his home, which is in Dublin, on Sunday.

    He did not explain what he was talking about.

    I’m sure it’s something I’ll find out soon, he tweeted.

    #IAINFBuckle is the only Irish comedian on the internet.

    He is the guy behind Iain’s Twitter account.

    I love the Irish, I love their humour.

    I know they’re funny, and I love hearing them talk about it.

    I will have my own Twitter soon!

    — Iaine (@IaineBuckler) December 21, 2017 There is no question that Irish people love their jokes, Buckley told The Irish Times.

    He added that he had a “good” Twitter following in the Irish Republic.

    @Iam_Iain is an Irish comedian, a man who loves Ireland and his country.

    — (@IanF) December 22, 2017 Buckley told the Irish Times: “People love it.

    They love to see Irish people be themselves and show their personalities.

    They like to see humour.

    They’re very friendly and they know their jokes. “

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bit of humour.

    I think I’ve been a bit rude.” “

    But I don’t know whether I can be funny if I don´t have my head in the game.

    I think I’ve been a bit rude.”

    Buckley said he had “no intention of leaving Ireland”.

    He added: “I’m just happy to be here and be able to keep my head down and keep doing what I do.”

    The Irish government has been criticised for its response to the Brexit result.

    The government has refused to say whether it will allow any of its citizens to remain in the UK.

    Ireland has a long history of welcoming migrants from across the world.

    It is the biggest destination for people from the Middle East and North Africa.


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