Google is now using automated software to determine what websites are paying for advertising on YouTube.

    The new system, called “AdSense,” is an attempt to prevent publishers from artificially inflating their ad revenue, according to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal.

    AdSense is the automated system that Google uses to determine which websites get paid to promote their content on YouTube, as well as the sites that use AdSense to make their content available on the video platform.

    Google said that the new system has already prevented many publishers from abusing AdSense and it will help publishers better understand how AdSense works.

    “Adsense is a technology that has evolved from an idea that advertisers would use to make money from their content to an automated system for determining which sites will pay for ads,” a Google spokesperson told The Wall St. Journal.

    “As we continue to improve AdSense, we’re working with the publishers to make it more reliable and easier to understand.

    Google is committed to protecting the ad platform, and we’ll continue to work with publishers to ensure AdSense remains as secure as possible.”

    AdSense has historically been used by the big-name brands, including Netflix, Facebook and Amazon, but has also been used for smaller publishers.

    According to Google, publishers will now be able to see which publishers are using AdSense for which videos.

    This information will be helpful publishers who want to identify and monetize content that they may not otherwise be able.

    Publishers will also be able see when AdSense ads are being used on their content, as they have been previously.

    “Publishers will now have a way to quickly and easily see which AdSense publishers are monetizing their content through their content and to see when those AdSense advertisers are monetising their content,” a spokesperson told the Journal.

    Google plans to continue rolling out AdSense upgrades in the coming months, and the company will also continue working with publishers on a “fair and balanced” system that will allow publishers to monetize their content without hurting their business.

    “We’ve worked hard to make sure AdSense continues to be a powerful tool for publishers and will continue to keep improving it, to help publishers make more money on their videos and help them make more videos for their viewers,” a spokeswoman for Google said.


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