We’re all pretty much addicted to ads, and this infographic from Adweek helps explain why.

    The infographic includes data from Adblock Plus, Adblock Bloq, AdBlock Explorer, Adblocking Tracker, and Adblock Black, as well as a list of the top 10 ads by revenue (which is the most recent data available).

    The list of top 10 advertisers shows that many of them are not necessarily “advertising companies” (they are companies that pay to get featured on the site).

    For example, a company called MyAds, for example, gets a small percentage of each click, and is not an “advertising company,” but rather a “network provider” for Google.

    Some of the companies also pay Google to display ads, but are not part of the Google Ad Network.

    The top 10 ad-related companies by revenue are:Adblock Plus (AdblockBloq)Adblock Bloc (AdBlock Explorer)Adblocking Tracker (AdblockingTracker)AdBlock Tracker (adblockplus)Adspot (AdspotAds)Adstream (AdStreamAds)”And the top 5 advertisers by revenue, based on total revenue:AdspotPublishers (AdSpotPublishers)DuckDuckGo (DuckShare)GoogleAds (GoogleAdsense)Google Reader (Google ReaderAdsPlus)Dribble (DribblingAdsplus)Google Shopping (Google ShoppingAdsAdsShare)Amazon (AmazonAds+)AdsDirect (AdDirectAdsExchange)Davids (DavidShares)Vox (VoxAds+AdShare)AdSense (AdSenseAdsEXchange)The data is from AdWeek’s “Top 100 Advertisers” report, which takes into account all of the websites that have made up a market share in the past year.

    You can read more about Adweek’s methodology here.

    The bottom line?

    If you want to get more clicks from your ads, the bottom line is simple: get rid of them.


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