Thais in Thailand are trying to access the Internet via a new app, seek internet access and seek information through an app to find out how the government is handling the country’s cyber attack, the prime minister’s office said.

    The app, named Kiju, is currently available for download on the App Store for a few days.

    The government has issued a call for applications for the app to be reviewed and approved by the Office of the Information Technology (OIT) and the Information Ministry, as well as other agencies, to ensure that the app complies with the law, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

    “As part of this process, the app is required to comply with the rules regarding the issuance of internet access licenses, and any other regulations, such as the law on the dissemination of information,” the statement said.

    The app allows users to connect to an internet service provider’s servers through a mobile device.

    It provides users with the ability to send data and screenshots to a third party or to other third parties, the statement added.

    Users can send screenshots, video, and audio files of a webpage or a news article to another user.

    Thailand has been in the news recently after a series of cyber attacks that affected more than 1,000 sites including a number of universities, including the University of Science and Technology.

    Thailand also is currently battling a new ransomware threat, which was also reported in the U.S. and Europe.

    More than 30 websites, including one in the United States, were affected by ransomware.

    In April, the United Nations Security Council voted to adopt a resolution that called for the government to share cyber threat information with the private sector to protect its own citizens.


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