From streaming to social, here’s how to stream Super Bowl XLIX in the comfort of your own home.

    Article by Scott WahlstromThe Super Bowl is back for a second year and with it comes a whole new set of events, and for the NFL and NFL owners, there are lots of reasons to be excited about the upcoming event.

    The NFL announced that all 50 teams will play a total of five preseason games at home, and the New England Patriots are the only team to start the 2017 regular season at home.

    The teams are scheduled to play a whopping six preseason games, which means there will be plenty of time for fans to get excited about how the games will be played.

    The games will kick off at 1 p.m.

    ET on Sunday, February 1.

    There’s no way to watch all five games on one TV at once, but it’s not too hard to find some great options.

    Below are the best ways to stream all five preseason NFL games:For the Super Big Ten conference, the first game will be the Spartans vs. Nebraska on Saturday, February 3.

    The Big Ten will host two games during the regular season: the first will be at 1:30

    ET and the second will be 2:00


    The first game is set to air live on ESPN2 and will feature two conference games: Michigan State at Nebraska on Monday, February 8 and Wisconsin at Michigan on Tuesday, February 9.

    The Big Ten has not announced a home opener for this year’s game.

    The Spartans and Huskers are both projected to win the conference title, so the Spartans will get a chance to show the league how much they’ve improved.

    The Wolverines have improved from the 2015-16 season, which saw them finish fourth in the league and were ranked as the No. 5 team in the country.

    Michigan’s schedule looks very similar to last year’s, so it should be a fun game to watch.

    The Huskers have a much different roster this year, so there is plenty of new talent to watch this season.

    The game will air on ESPN.

    The second game will take place on Sunday at 1 pm.

    ET, which is exactly the time it takes to watch a football game on the Internet.

    The game will also be televised on CBS Sports Network.

    The CBS Sports network has had a huge presence in the NFL for years, and with the first preseason game coming at 1 a.m., the game will likely be watched on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

    There are a ton of options available for watching the game online.

    CBS Sports is currently hosting the first two preseason games on their app.

    There are tons of options for streaming the games, including HBO Now, Playstation Vue, and Hulu Plus.

    CBS has also made the NFL Playoffs available for streaming.

    For more on the NFL, be sure to check out the league’s 2017 schedule.

    The most popular streaming service for Super Bowl Week will be DirecTV.

    It has a lineup of NFL games that include all five pre-season games.

    DirecTv will stream all 5 preseason games for $25 a month.

    That means you can watch all 5 games on DirecVirtually anytime.

    The company’s lineup also includes games like the 2017 NFL Draft, the NFL’s annual Thanksgiving Day game, and more.

    Diretv has a few games in its schedule, but the best bet is to get a game through their app and watch it on the big screen.

    If you don’t want to pay for Direc TV, there is also a free option that lets you watch the games via the NFL app.

    This is the one I use the most, but there are other options available.

    I like the NFL Fantasy Football app, which has a lot of games, but I also like Direc’s NFL Live app, and I use CBS Sports Live to watch college football.

    The Super Big 12 Conference has its schedule available on Direx Sports.

    The league will have a bunch of games that will air in February, and they have the biggest name in the business: Oklahoma.

    The Sooners will be playing at home for the first time since 2012, and this will be their first year hosting preseason games.

    Oklahoma will be in town to host a game against Texas Tech.

    The schedule also includes home games against TCU, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma.

    This is the first year the Cowboys will host preseason games in their new stadium, so expect the Cowboys to show off a lot more.

    The conference is still working out the details of its new home, but we can expect the team to have a few home games, as well as a road game against the Baylor Bears on March 6.


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