Advertisers and their clients, including Google and Facebook, are increasingly demanding that their websites carry more content from fake news sources.

    The issue has become a key driver of the election in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    Nowhere is this more apparent than in the digital advertising industry.

    In 2015, Facebook was the world’s largest advertiser, overtaking Google as the top online advertiser.

    But this year, Facebook has had to adjust its tactics to meet the demands of the advertisers.

    The social network’s strategy for getting advertisers to pay more has been to produce more content, more often, from fake sources, according to people familiar with the matter.

    Facebook’s strategy has included creating a special section of its advertising platform, Adsense, which produces more fake news.

    Advertiser groups have also complained that they have been unable to compete with Facebook’s own ads that use a mix of real and fake content.

    Facebook has not provided details about how it uses Adsense or how many fake stories it has pulled from its platform.

    The push for fake news has drawn criticism from U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who has suggested it may encourage people to spread false information and has called for a crackdown on the fake news that is spread online.

    In a letter to Google last month, Cameron urged the search giant to “implement a strategy that enables the publishers and advertisers to make a more effective advertising investment.”

    Facebook has responded by releasing a white paper in December laying out a set of recommendations to advertisers on how to combat fake news, including how to limit the number of posts from sources that are not authentic.

    The platform also released a series of ads that feature people with different faces and voices.

    Facebook said it has now removed more than 4,000 posts from its Adsense platform that were linked to fake accounts and fake news stories.

    AdSense, which provides a platform for websites to pay publishers for online ads, said last week that it has seen a 20 percent drop in the number on its platform since the fall.

    The ads have been pulled because advertisers are unhappy with the content they are seeing and are not being able to make money from them, AdSense Chief Marketing Officer Matt McBride said.

    He declined to give an exact number.

    Facebook, meanwhile, has continued to fight the criticism, saying in a statement that it is working to improve its platform, including creating a section on the front page of its platform that provides more information on what is being shared on its platforms.

    The new rules are designed to make it easier for advertisers to compete against fake news in the marketplace, said Michael Zagaris, Facebook’s director of strategy and public policy.

    Facebook is not the only major social media company to have come under fire from users and others who say the company is pushing fake news and disinformation.

    Twitter, which has been accused of promoting fake news over the last few months, said it was working on a new set of guidelines on how it handles content that is deemed “dangerous” or “disturbing.”

    The social media giant said it will soon release a guide on how its algorithms detect fake news on the site and has also announced a number of other changes aimed at improving its response to fake news across the site.

    Facebook and Google have long battled over how to best handle fake news online.

    Facebook initially blocked content from pro-Donald Trump, anti-Muslim and anti-Israel sites on the platform, and then recently removed some of those sites.

    Twitter also blocked the sites for years, until recently changing its policy in response to criticism of the platform.

    Facebook last week rolled out a tool to help users filter out fake news from their news feed.


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