The Wall Street Journal reports the first global ads will be sold on a mobile device for $20.

    The ads will use the same algorithm and be powered by similar social data as traditional TV ads.

    The new ad format could be used by advertisers for the first time as they try to scale their business and market. 

    A few months ago, Facebook launched its first ad-supported video platform, where users can watch videos with ads.

    Facebook said it launched ads on Facebook video for more than 10 years, and that advertisers are already paying $1 billion a year to use Facebook’s platform to target users.

    Ads can also be purchased through a variety of mobile and desktop apps, including Facebook’s video-on-demand platform, as well as a number of other publishers and app developers.

    But the move to pay for ads on mobile will be a new challenge for advertisers.

    For one thing, Facebook already pays advertisers based on mobile app usage, but many advertisers will need to pay more to reach their audiences on the mobile platform, and many other advertisers have not been able to monetize on the platform for some time.

    For advertisers, the idea of a subscription service is enticing because it gives them a way to pay a monthly fee for ad-free viewing of their ads, while at the same time getting to watch ads from an advertiser’s competitors.

    But some ad-hungry publishers are pushing for an alternative to pay.

    Some publishers have begun to embrace paid subscriptions, like BuzzFeed and BuzzFeed News, which both offer ads-free video streaming.

    The two have had a rocky relationship with Facebook and the other major ad-serving platform, Google.

    Last year, the U.K. newspaper The Guardian announced that it would offer an ad-paying service called BuzzFeed Daily.

    Its ads would be displayed as ad-friendly videos that users can view on their smartphones or tablets.

    The company has since suspended the service, citing the company’s ad-pay policy.

    Google’s YouTube has also said it will eventually offer a pay-for-play service for YouTube videos.

    Facebook, however, has not made a firm commitment to pay YouTube.

    Other publishers have been slow to adopt paid subscription plans.

    A report in The Wall St. Journal last week said the company has yet to approve its own ad-sharing service, a move that would require a number more publishers to sign on.

    Advertising is a $3.6 trillion industry in the United States, accounting for around a quarter of U.S. ad spending.

    Advertisers have said they want to have their ads be seen in the billions of times a day on the web and on mobile devices, but that the ad tech industry has struggled to deliver a seamless way for them to monetized their videos.

    The Wall and the Post said advertisers were paying $15 per month for the ad-only service and $20 per month per video on YouTube.

    In the short term, the companies said the ads will cost advertisers about $1.7 billion a month in revenue, which is about the same as what they paid to view their videos on Facebook’s YouTube.


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