Google is looking to broaden its reach and expand its tools to more people, as it moves away from its traditional search tool.

    The search giant unveiled the Google Assistant today at the Consumer Electronics Show, announcing it will launch a new “Google search tool” later this year that will let people search with voice and text.

    The Google Assistant will allow users to use the voice search feature, Google said, as well as the gesture and gesture-based “search” functions, where you type words into the search bar and it will ask you to perform a search.

    The voice search function will also work on the search results page, Google added.

    The new Google search feature will be available on both iOS and Android devices, and Google will add support for it on its Chrome web browser in the coming months, Google Assistant co-founder Daniel Urman said in a statement.

    The company will also roll out a new Google Voice app for iPhone and Android, which will include voice search functionality.

    Urman also said Google will begin rolling out voice search in the near future.

    The “Google assistant” will be integrated with Google Assistant, Google Search, YouTube, Maps, and many other Google products, Google assistant co-founders James Damore and Andy Rubin said in the announcement.

    Urmans voice search and gesture search will also be integrated into the Google Home speaker, which Urman called “a powerful speaker for Google” last year.

    Urmen also said that Google will integrate voice search, gesture search, and YouTube search with the company’s new Search Engine Results page, and that Google Assistant users will be able to search for content using search terms.

    Google said it plans to release the new Google Search tool in “the coming months.”

    Google will release an Android app later this month that will integrate Google Assistant and other Google services with the Android operating system.

    Urmann said Google hopes to have the “new Google search” app available for Google Assistant devices on the Android market by the end of the year.

    Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant for smartphones, tablets, and other devices that can speak.

    The device is designed to be more intuitive, and can also be used with voice search.

    Google’s search results will be “more relevant and more personalized,” Urman added.

    Google is also rolling out Google Assistant to “smart speakers,” Urmans announcement said.

    Urmons assistant, dubbed Google Assistant for Google Home, will be made available “later this year.”

    Urman, a former Google executive who is now a senior vice president in charge of Android, iOS, and Chrome, said Google has focused on integrating voice search with its other services to help users get the most out of their voice-enabled devices.

    Google also said it would release a Google Assistant app for Windows PCs, phones, and tablets later this summer.

    Google was looking to get its voice-powered assistants on more handsets by next year, Urman told reporters at CES earlier this year.


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