The Globe and Mail’s Advertiser of the Week award goes to the ad company that developed a $100 million marketing campaign to convince Vancouverites to leave their homes in Vancouver and move to Surrey for a new life.

    The ad agency worked with the BC NDP government to create a “B” campaign, and a “C” for the campaign was awarded for its “brave, visionary” and “willingness to do what it takes to change BC.”

    It is a “great achievement” and an “award for the province,” said the Globe’s editorial board.

    The story is headlined: ‘This is why I won’t vote BC,’ says former BC NDP candidate.

    Article Continued BelowAdvertiser Of The Week: “This is what B.F.K. was always known for.

    It’s an innovative way to get people out of their homes, get them out of the cold and bring them into the warm embrace of a new home.

    The NDP is a great example of how to get the job done.”

    It’s a “very courageous and brave decision to take on the BC government and say, ‘No, we can’t keep the city as a single-use zone for people to move in and live in,’ said Stephen Brousseau, who was a provincial candidate in 2011 when the NDP took office.

    Brousselau, a Vancouver-based developer, said he’s a lifelong supporter of the NDP and would vote for the party in the next election.

    He said he hopes the NDP can continue to grow and expand the province, but said he can’t support the party because of the way it has grown.

    The Globe and Times editorial board said the ad showed “the best and brightest of the B.R.C., but the most talented, brightest and most capable minds and the most ambitious of the Liberals, the NDP, the Greens, and all the other candidates, who all have been in the business of moving people to places they’ve always wanted to live.

    And it’s not just the Vancouver-area campaign, it’s the whole country.

    “The Globe’s story about B.M.P. and its plan to turn Vancouver into a single use zone for the homeless focuses on the fact that the NDP has been pushing for more than a decade to bring more people to the city.

    The newspaper said the NDP government has repeatedly told BC mayors they will not be allowed to impose a single occupancy rule.

    But Brousselsau said that’s just a lie.

    He said the real reason the NDP was so successful was because the NDP campaigned on building a sustainable economy.

    And the NDP campaign showed people they have that vision and it will not take any of our policies to get it done.

    The NDP was also able to get a B because it used a new, clever advertising campaign that didn’t require a single source of funding.

    It also took advantage of new technology and a new campaign director, Stephen McLeod.

    McLeod, who also worked on the Vancouver campaign, said the strategy that paid off is a new way to market a campaign, one that takes advantage of technology and new tools that can help people move out of cities.”

    We don’t have a campaign manager. “

    They’re doing it from the ground up.

    We don’t have a campaign manager.

    We’re in a partnership with a technology company.

    We get a team of people in place.

    We build an ad campaign from scratch and then we take it from there.

    It doesn’t require money.

    And we use a whole new approach.

    We didn’t have to be in a city to do it.

    We had a team.”

    McLeod said the campaign also used social media to communicate to people in Vancouver that they should stay in their homes.

    The Globe says McLeod also said the goal is not to create the impression that the government is going to move people to Surrey.

    “We’re not trying to convince people to stay in Vancouver.

    We just want people to be able to stay where they are,” he said.

    McLodle said the “B,” “C,” and “B+” campaigns were all well received by people, including B.J. Sinclair, who said he will vote NDP because of its policies.

    Sinclair also noted the “A” campaign paid off, even though it didn’t create the same kind of buzz that the “C+” campaign did.

    He noted the B+ campaign didn’t use social media or new technology to help build a positive image, and that it also didn’t take advantage of the new tools.

    “The B+ strategy was a success, but it was not the most effective strategy.

    It was one that was built in a way that it could only work in a certain way,” Sinclair said.

    The “A+” strategy also didn, however, have a great impact on the B- and C


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