The UK is about to go to the polls for a referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union.

    This could lead to the country leaving the single market and customs union, leaving the European Court of Justice, or both.

    Here’s what you need to know about what would happen in the UK and Europe.


    The referendum will be held in the autumn of 2019 2.

    It will be called a ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ referendum by a coalition of parties and organisations 3.

    The outcome of the referendum will have a significant impact on Britain’s relationship with the EU4.

    The UK would need to negotiate its exit with other EU countries5.

    The British government would have to accept a deal in which all EU citizens in the country would be allowed to stay in the EU6.

    Britain would need the support of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm7.

    The result of the UK’s vote would then be ratified by the European Parliament, which is the EU Parliament’s governing body8.

    The final result would be decided by a majority of the 27 member states in the European Council9.

    A referendum would also be held on a new UK-EU trade deal10.

    The decision would then become law if both Houses of Parliament vote in favour of it.

     What are the different types of exit?

     There are four different types:1.

    A ‘Leave-only’ exit – which would be similar to what would have happened if the British had voted to leave in the referendum, but had not ratified it.

    This would mean that UK citizens would not be allowed in the other member states to do business, and they would not get free movement of goods and people between the EU and the UK. 2.

    A “Leave-plus” exit – this would be a form of Brexit that would see the UK retaining all of the rights and freedoms that come with being a member of the EU.

    This includes the right to apply for a UK passport, to travel freely between the UK, and to have full access to EU courts.


    A new “Remain-plus Brexit” – this is the scenario where the UK agrees to a deal with the European countries to leave.

    This deal would be the most significant of the three types of Brexit, but is not expected to be approved by either the UK or the EU, since the EU would have no power over the negotiations.


    A deal where the British and the EU agree to stay together, but in a way that allows for Britain to take advantage of the free movement between the two countries, such as in a “soft” or “hard” Brexit, where the Brits could leave the EU without leaving the EU entirely.

    What is the process?

    The British government will hold a referendum in the Autumn of 2019 on whether the country wants to remain in the single European market, customs union or the customs union and single market.

    The vote will be followed by a second referendum, the next year, to decide whether or to remain.

    This would be followed in 2020 by another referendum, in 2021, and so on until the country votes in 2021 to decide on whether to leave or remain.

    The next election, in 2022, would be held under the terms of the final Brexit deal.

    How do I vote?

    If you are eligible to vote in the 2019 UK referendum, you can cast your vote by filling in the form below.

    The form can be found here.

    Why do I need to fill in the forms?

    You will need to make sure that the form you receive is correct.

    You can check your form online, or you can call the Office of the Electoral Commission on 08457 791 810 to request a proof of address.

    If the form is incomplete, it will be sent to you with a letter telling you that it’s incomplete and that you need a more complete form.

    Do I need a proof that I live in the same area as the polling station?

    No, you don’t.

    If you live in an area outside the polling stations, you will need a ballot paper or a ballot-paper box to cast your ballot.

    Who is eligible to cast a ballot?

    Anyone over the age of 18 can vote.

    Can I vote in person?

    Yes, you may vote in-person in the polling booths in the constituencies where you live.

    Where can I vote – in London, Westminster or Southwark?

    In London, the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is the main location for polling.

    It is situated just a few minutes’ walk from London’s most iconic landmarks, including Tower Bridge, Parliament Square and Buckingham Palace.

    In Westminster, the seat of the House of Commons, there are four polling stations at which voters can cast their ballot. 

    Where can we vote?

    In Westminster’s constituency of Southwark, the constituency seat of Richmond Park


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