In Thailand, a new approach to making internet ads go viral has given rise to a new form of digital advertising.

    With the help of Google, Thai internet ads are going viral with the help, Google, of the country’s growing popularity among advertisers.

    The country has long been one of the fastest growing online markets in the world and has been attracting more and more foreign brands.

    As a result, the country has become a centre of global online advertising, and the new webads have helped bring some of the biggest names in the industry to Thailand.

    Google and other internet ad networks have already invested in Thai web advertising and have worked closely with government and government-controlled companies to create the new form.

    “We are very excited to work with them to make sure the Thai market remains the leading one for digital advertising,” said Tom Dutta, chief executive officer of ad tech firm Webads.

    “These new web ads are a huge step in the right direction, and we look forward to seeing more from them as we continue to explore this market.”

    The internet ads The webads were created by Thai advertising firm Webad, which said it had the backing of the government.

    “Webads are designed for localised marketing and are created and produced with a strong focus on localised content,” the firm said in a statement.

    “For the time being, they will not appear on Google’s search results, but we are actively working on making them available to all local advertisers.”

    The company has also developed webads to work on Google Chrome, which it says is more suitable for local advertising.

    Google, which has a network of over 500 million users, says that it has “100 million users around the world who have purchased Google Chrome” since its launch in 2012.

    In a statement, Google said it was working with the Thai government to help localised advertisers reach more people.

    “As a matter of policy, Google will not sell ads to countries where the government has blocked websites or has not approved the use of certain websites, or has blocked content that may violate national or international laws,” Google said.

    “If a country requires approval of content, Google is committed to complying with such requests.”

    Webads were developed by Thai ad tech company Webad The new ads, which will not be available in the UK and US, will be available on the Thai website of a government-run company called the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

    The Ministry of Communication and Information technology, or MCT, is a government agency that manages communications and information technology.

    MCT is the only government agency with the authority to license the internet.

    The ministry also oversees internet content, and it has been criticised in the past for blocking websites and restricting the freedom of expression.

    Webads will not have any influence over the MCT’s internet policy, but the company said it hopes to use the new ads to help the ministry reach out to foreign advertisers.

    “The MCT has been able to attract a lot of international companies through the internet,” Webads founder Tom Dutt said.

    The new web ad webads will be made available in Thailand on Google in the next few weeks.

    “With the help from Google, the Thai online advertising market is becoming a very important one for the industry,” said Webads chief executive Tom DUTTA.

    “Thailand has been in the forefront of the internet advertising revolution and is a great place to start.”


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