Google searches for a place to eat and the internet has an endless supply of recommendations.

    Now there’s an app to help you find the best in New Zealander cuisine.

    Google Trends has been available for several months and the app is now available in the Google Play Store.

    The app is currently available for Android and iOS devices, although it’s been tested on Windows and Mac.

    The Google Trends app allows you to filter the results based on location, restaurant name, and more.

    Search for a good steakhouse with Google Trends To find out what you’re looking for, you need to go to Google Trends.

    Click on the Google Trends icon in the top right corner and select “More.”

    A list of your favourite restaurants will appear.

    Click the search button next to the restaurant name.

    This will bring up a list of search results from the past three weeks.

    You can also choose to filter by cuisine or cuisine search terms.

    Clicking on a restaurant will bring you to the search results page.

    This includes a list with restaurants that have been included on the list, and also restaurants that are no longer active.

    The list is sorted alphabetically by the first letter of the restaurant’s name, with the restaurants in bold.

    Click one of the restaurants to start browsing through the results.

    You’ll find a list similar to the one below.

    The top restaurant results are the top restaurants with the highest number of reviews and most recommendations.

    If you like what you see, you can tap the star button at the bottom of the results list to return to the previous page.

    If your favourite restaurant doesn’t appear, or you want to filter your results by a different type of restaurant, click the “Filter by” link next to each restaurant.

    You will be taken to the “Results by” page.

    The “Filter” option on the right of the page lets you sort the results by cuisine, search terms, restaurant type, or by a filter such as price.

    Tap the “Go Back” button to return back to the original search page.

    Once you’ve sorted your results, tap the “Next” button at its bottom to return home.

    When you are done with the restaurant results, you will have a list like the one above.

    Searching by restaurant The app also lets you filter results by restaurant type or search terms (as shown above).

    Tap the restaurants icon next to a restaurant to start the search.

    The restaurant list will show you all the restaurants with reviews that have rated the restaurant.

    This list can also be sorted by price.

    To get to the reviews page, tap “Reviews.”

    The first restaurant will appear and you will be able to browse through the reviews.

    Tap “Write a Review” at the top to start writing a review.

    Once the reviews are finished, you may go back to filter results using the same filters.

    The restaurants with higher reviews are listed first.

    Tap a restaurant on the top of the list to begin searching.

    The results page will show the restaurant search results.

    The menu items will appear at the left of the screen and the restaurants are sorted alphabetical by restaurant name and by the number of ratings.

    Tap on the restaurant to search by restaurant.

    The search results will be sorted alphabetially by the restaurant type.

    To find restaurants with a particular type of food, tap on the menu item at the right and then tap “Type.”

    Tap on an entry in the menu to see more information.

    You may tap on “Go back” to return here.

    Tap to close this window.

    If there is a restaurant you want from the results that you want, tap again to close the search window.


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