As temperatures continue to rise, some countries are seeing dramatic changes in their climate, including in the Arctic.

    The Russian government has announced plans to build a new ice-breaking platform, and a large part of the country’s Arctic is now considered uninhabitable by humans, the Globe and Mail has learned.

    The icebreaker “Globaltown” is scheduled to start arriving in Russia in the coming weeks, and the government said it is planning to build four new icebreakers that will bring the total to 18 ships, according to a statement.

    The project is being funded by a $2.5 billion Russia’s Arctic exploration fund, and it is expected to be completed in 2020.

    The Arctic is the Arctic Ocean region of the globe, and as the Arctic expands, so does the melting of the ice, according the International Ice Service.

    The melting ice creates what is called “frozen water,” which can be carried by storms.

    Russia has been working to reduce the ice by about 50 per cent by 2020, and is planning a similar effort in 2020, said Igor Volkov, the director of the Polar Research Institute in the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sports, in a news conference on Tuesday.

    The Polar Research institute, a state-run research institute, has launched a project to build two icebreakers in the region and is looking to raise $20 million for a third, the statement said.

    The icebreaker is expected in 2020 and the icebreaker in 2021, it said.

    Russia’s Arctic ice is melting fast, said Volkov.

    He said that when ice melts, it expands in volume, and if the ice breaks apart, it can become a huge amount of ice, and that’s why Russia’s icebreakers are built so large.

    In 2016, the Arctic had the most ice loss in the world, according a World Bank report.

    That was more than double the previous record, which was held by Greenland.

    Russia also has an ambitious goal of having 40 per cent of its territory covered by sea by 2050.

    Russia currently has more than 5 million square kilometres of sea ice, the majority of it in the north.

    Russia’s total sea ice area is the second-largest in the northern hemisphere after Greenland, and its melt rate is increasing, the World Bank said.

    According to the latest data from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Russia lost 1.4 billion tonnes of ice in 2016.

    That’s a record for the country.

    In the summer of 2016, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Russia’s Antarctic ice would disappear within a decade.

    Russia was planning to drill for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea, but the drilling was suspended in October 2016 after a deadly explosion at a Russian oil drilling rig in the Black Sea, which killed four people.

    The company that ran the drilling rig has since pleaded guilty to manslaughter and has been ordered to pay $2 billion in fines.

    Russian authorities have also been working on a plan to create a floating city on the Arctic ice to help tackle global warming.

    It would be a floating floating city, and will consist of floating floating ice, floating buildings and floating technology, the ministry said.

    In the future, Russia will be able to make its floating city more efficient, the government added.

    Russia recently set a goal of becoming a “green economy,” a term that means it is reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    It has been developing a floating manufacturing facility in the Kara Sea in the southern part of Russia that will produce electric cars, which it will use to replace the gas-powered cars that Russians drive daily.


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