The Republican party has no plan to win the White House.

    The party’s only real hope is to find some way to make up the seats that were lost by losing the White Senate in November.

    It’s a strategy that’s being exploited by the GOP, which is now in the throes of a bitter contest for control of the Senate, which it lost by two votes.

    The GOP is taking the fight to the right.

    That includes targeting conservative candidates who are up for re-election in the 2018 midterms, including Sens.

    Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Mike Lee (R -Utah), who are both in their first terms in the Senate.

    And it’s working.

    According to an analysis of political ads by The American Prospect and The Atlantic, conservative challengers to Republicans who are running for the Senate now account for roughly half of all the ads airing in the chamber.

    “The fact that the Republicans have taken the fight right to the left is a sign of how vulnerable they are to the Democrats, who are using this election as a referendum on the Republicans and the president,” said Andrew Abramson, a former senior adviser to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R).

    And that’s the reality that the Republican Party is in a bind.

    For Republicans, the election is all about controlling the Senate and the House of Representatives, which they control by a slim margin of four seats.

    The Senate is now controlled by a Democratic majority, which has created a unique set of incentives.

    The more Republican-controlled seats that are up, the more likely Democrats are to run for reelections.

    So the Republican strategy is to run as an insurgent conservative party that is at the forefront of conservative ideas.

    In doing so, the GOP is trying to create a populist, populist-oriented party in the United States.

    It will also serve to help Democrats, because the party has an advantage in the House because of the Democratic strength in the White Houses and governorships.

    The Republican strategy has two problems.

    First, it’s not working.

    Second, it creates a powerful dynamic that’s been used by the Republicans against the Democrats.

    It creates a Republican party that’s more popular and that’s less vulnerable to a populist backlash.

    But while the Republican party may be in a good position to capitalize on this moment in American history, it hasn’t really been able to capitalize.

    The most recent numbers from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report show that in the last two elections, Republican candidates have won about one-fifth of the seats up for grabs.

    The Democrats’ advantage in both races has shrunk, from 20 seats to nine seats.

    There are a few reasons for this, and the biggest one is that Democrats have a real shot at taking control of both houses of Congress in 2020.

    But the GOP’s advantage in House seats is even more pronounced.

    The next two years will be pivotal for the GOP because it will control both the Senate as well as the House, a body that can determine the fate of legislation and the direction of the country.

    And that means the Republicans can choose to run aggressively to win seats.

    “It’s really a choice between being a party that looks to the future and has a plan for how to win elections in the future or trying to build an identity around the past and focus on winning seats,” said Mark Penn, the director of the Brookings Institution’s Center for Politics and Public Service.

    That’s exactly what the GOP has done.

    In 2018, the party ran ads in all 50 states that highlighted the success of its economic agenda, and in some cases went to great lengths to portray President Donald Trump as a boorish and dangerous populist.

    “I don’t want to be called a racist,” Trump said in one ad.

    “No one calls me a racist, but I don’t think you can be a racist when you’ve had to work so hard and have your life turned upside down,” he said in another.

    “They don’t understand that it’s very difficult to be a conservative.

    It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

    But it’s also very rewarding and it’s a good way to earn a lot more money,” he continued.

    “And they know that I am the greatest president that the United State has ever had.”

    In the Senate race, Republican Sens.

    Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Rob Portman of Ohio are running to succeed retiring Sen. Rob Portmans (R), who announced last month that he would not seek re-nomination.

    And Sen. John Barrasso (R) is facing an uphill battle in his bid to win his first term in the seat he’s held since 2010.

    Both Ayotte and Portman are well-liked in their states and have strong support among the party’s base, and they’ve benefited from strong turnout from the base.

    But Ayotte’s support in the state and Portmans support in his home state have been weak and her campaign has been relying heavily on social media and other tools to engage her voters.


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